Placenta Extract

100% Human Placental Extract with JBP’s unique technology and safety protocol. Suitable for consumption at home or on the go.

LAENNEC P.O. is designed for those who feel a physical change with age and would like to keep their youthfulness through at-home self-care with placental extract.

Although Laennec P.O.

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Curacen P.O.+ is designed for those who experiencing physical changes due to aging and desire to maintain their inner health as well as youthful outer appearance through at-home self-care with placental extract. It is designed to contain similar efficacies as the Curacen injection, with two capsules equal to one ampoule.

JBP Curacen is the ethical drug manufactured with JBP's unique technologies for effective extraction from the human placenta. The active ingredient, JBP Placenta Extract, is prepared employing the technology that JBP has developed for manufacturing the ethical drug for over 40 years.

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#1 Selling placenta based drug, Approved by JFDA
MDs' trusted brand for over 50 years
Sold more than 24,000,000 ampoules per year

Laennec contains thousands of substances including amino acids, peptides, and polypeptides and acts in a complex manner, and has cell regeneration and anti-inflammatory effects.

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