About Reyoung

About Us

Since 2016, Reyoung Beaute is a leading company that offers high-quality skincare and healthcare products. Being an industry trendsetter, we strive to provide only the best for beauty enthusiasts out there, especially our valued customers. The reasons behind our establishment arise from three purposes in mind:

To advocate for skin health and wellness
To alleviate an individual’s skin problems
To elevate one’s self-confidence and appearance

At Reyoung Beaute, we focus on the provision of skincare products, which has led us to the creation of Natural Plant or NP in January 2019, a product line that consists primarily of skincare products. As the name suggests, we pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients for our products. Above all, we are committed to bringing high quality and natural products and solutions for our valued customers.


Our vision is to be a reputable company recognised by the quality of our product.


Our mission(s) are as follows:

• To improve the quality of life for women
• To help women regain self-confidence
• To create safe and environmental-friendly products
• To develop products that meet the highest quality standards
• To advocate the importance of healthcare and skincare wellness


Our story was not an overnight success, but our idea surely was. Reyoung Beaute (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 2016 by our founder Belle Lim. As an avid advocate for women’s health, Belle founded Reyoung Beaute to empower women to take the best care of themselves, the people they love and the world around them.

Under our skincare line, our formula is inspired by Dr Kim Jeong Soo from Korea. Over the years, we have continuously sought out the best available resources, from the latest scientific advancement to collaboration with renowned Korean aestheticians to create better products for our valued clients.


“Growing up as a teenager with sensitive and oily skin, I had little self-esteem, and I’ve always been conscious of my facial skin appearance. During that period, I realised that the market was full of products, and it was quite hard for me to choose what works best for my skin. More often than not, I used to be so overwhelmed whenever I looked at skincare products and usually ended up walking away with nothing because it’s either: too expensive or doesn’t work.

That is why I founded Reyoung Beaute because I want to be sure that my skincare products work. Above all, I want women to be confident in their outlook and be proud of using our NP skincare products. I am so happy to be able to share with you these incredible products that worked so well and I hope you enjoy everything Reyoung Beaute has to offer as much as I do.”

Belle Lim