JBP Laennec P.O. (100 Capsules)


JBP Laennec P.O. (100 Capsules)


Main Ingredients:
Each Placenta Capsule (420mg) contains:
* Placental Extract (Human)
* Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
* Titanium Dioxide
* Red No. 40
* Blue No. 1

Product Benefits:
* Rejuvenating skin and boost collagen generation
* Lesser wrinkles

Consumption Dosage:
For adults: Take 2 capsules daily, or 2 to 6 capsules as needed.

* Keep out of reach of children
* Store away from direct sunlight
* Remove capsule from packaging before consuming
* Do not exceed the daily recommended dose
* Can be taken by itself, or with any other drugs/dietary supplements, under the direction of a physician

100% Human Placental Extract with JBP’s unique technology and safety protocol. Suitable for consumption at home or on the go.

LAENNEC P.O. is designed for those who feel a physical change with age and would like to keep their youthfulness through at-home self-care with placental extract.

Although Laennec P.O. is a dietary supplement, the Placental Extract used is manufactured using the same process as Laennec Injection, and is recommended by medical institutions, or medical practitioners as an alternative to Laennec Injection for patients who are unable to visit the hospital to receive treatment.