JBP Curacen P.O.+ (100 capsules)


JBP Curacen P.O.+ (100 capsules)


Main Ingredients:
Each Placental Extract Capsule (420mg) contains:
* Human Placental Extract
* Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
* Cystine (40mg/capsule)
* Coloring (Titanium Dioxide)

Product Benefits:
* Strong antioxidant to prevent the growth of Melanocytes
* Rejuvenating skin and boost collagen generation
* Lesser wrinkles

Consumption Dosage:
For Adults: Take 2 capsules daily, or 2 to 6 capsules as needed.

* Keep out of reach of children
* Store away from direct sunlight
* Remove capsule from packaging before consuming
* Do not exceed the daily recommended dose
* Can be taken by itself, or with any other drugs/dietary supplements, under the direction of a physician

Curacen P.O.+ is designed for those who experiencing physical changes due to aging and desire to maintain their inner health as well as youthful outer appearance through at-home self-care with placental extract. It is designed to contain similar efficacies as the Curacen injection, with two capsules equal to one ampoule.