LNC Cleansing Balm 80g
LNC Cleansing Balm 80g
LNC Cleansing Balm 80g
LNC Cleansing Balm 80g


LNC Cleansing Balm 80g


Main Ingredients:
1% Equine Placenta, Vitamin C Derivatives, Artichoke Leaf Extract, Royal Jelly Acid, Hydrolyzed Royal Jelly Protein, Glucosyl Hesperidin

Product Benefits:
* Penetrate and adsorb the makeup as well as dirt in the gaps of the skin.
* Leaves keratotic plugs in pores feeling refreshed.
* Brighten skin tone.
* Removing makeup and keratin plugs in the pores are easier as the heat softens up the skin
* No tightening feeling after washing, leaving it feeling refreshed despite being enriched.
* Keeping the skin soft and moist
* It can also be used for eyelash extensions.

Usage - Day Use:
Place a cherry size of balm on T zone and cheeks, then massage it well with the makeup when it begins to melt. With the eyelids closed, lightly press with both hands around the eyes to blend in with the eye makeup as well. When the balm and makeup are well blended, rince thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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Melting balm helps build the foundation of skin.

Removing makeup is an important step in building the foundation of skincare for beautiful skin. LNC Cleansing Balm is a skincare-focused makeup remover that delivers cleansing power with reduced burden on skin, creating brighter and more translucent skin.

It melts when in contact with skin and transforms into a thick gel that penetrates into the uneven surface of the skin and absorbs makeup and impurities. Thermal effects soften skin and make it easier to remove makeup and buildup clogging pores.

The non-oil formula easily blends with water and rinses off quickly with makeup and dirt absorbed, leaving no greasy texture on skin from remover's ingredients. LNC Cleansing Balm can also be used with wet hands and on eyelash extensions.

While this balm maintains its gentle texture, it does not excesively remove moisture and sebum necessary top skin which leaves it moisturized and soft fr skincare products to penetrate easily.