LNC Brightening Soap 100g
LNC Brightening Soap 100g
LNC Brightening Soap 100g
LNC Brightening Soap 100g


LNC Brightening Soap 100g


Main Ingredients:
2.5% Equine Placenta, Squalane, LIPIDURE (polyquaternium 51), Ceramide

Free from Lauric Acid, Petroleum Surfactants, Alcohol, Silicone, Synthetic Polymers, Synthetic Fragrances, Colorants, Antioxidants, and Parabens

Product Benefits:
* Contains about 50% beauty ingredients and moisturizing ingredients.
* The thick fluffy foam removes old keratin and gives you clear skin.
* Baby safe formulation, it can be used on babies, people with skin problems, and people who are worried about irritation from soap ingredients.
* Aroma of natural geranium essential oil.

Usage - Day & Night Use:
Foam the soap abundantly with a foaming net. Gently envelop the face with foam and wash. Do not rub. Rince thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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Beauty soap for truly effective washing combined with aging care*.

Almost 50% of this soap is made of ingredients that beautify and moisturize the skin. The pure white foam is soft, silky fine and smooth to the touch, envelop your face with this foam and let it gently absorb and remove dirt.

Following a baby soap formula, the soap is completely free of skin-taxing lauric acid, petroleum-based surfactants, antioxidants colorants or synthetic fragrance. It does not irritate eyes and can be even used on young children's skin.

The soap has a soothing and refreshing faint fragrance of geranium essential oil, guaranteeing a luxurious refreshing moment of face care.

* Skin care according to age-related needs.