JBP Placenta EQ Capsule (90 capsules)


JBP Placenta EQ Capsule (90 capsules)


Product Benefits:
* Rich in nutrients
* Melanin Generation Suppression
* High in Antioxidant
* High content of Amino Acid

Consumption Dosage:
Take 3-4 capsules daily as needed. Capsules may be taken alone or with other dietary supplement under the direction of a physician.

Key Ingredient:
Each capsule (320mg) contains
* 100% pure Equine Placental Extract (250mg)
* Hydroxypropil Methylcelulose, Titanium Dioxide

* Keep out of reach of children
* Store away from direct sunlight
* Remove capsule from packaging before consuming
* Do not exceed the daily recommended dose
* Can be taken by itself, or with any other drugs/dietary supplements, under the direction of a physician

100% Equine Placental Extract dietary supplement.

Applying the same extraction technology to the equine placenta as our ethical product. Please enjoy only the finest additive free Equine Placental Extract from JBP's contracted ranches of horses bred in Japan, being manufactured in our state-of-the-art GMP facility.